Janet C. Schiff

Janet Schiff knew that she wanted to play the cello when she was seven years old. With a coat hangar and a guitar Ms. Schiff invented a cello. Janet did not know the word cello and continued to play her guitar with a coat hangar. One day Janet's mom asked her if she was trying to play the cello. Soon after that day Janet was enrolled in cello lessons. She recalls actually shedding tears the first time she held a real cello. At the age of ten she already waited three long years to touch a cello. Janet has not played a guitar since.
When Janet's family moved to Milwaukee in 1985 she began cello lessons at The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. After many years of private study under Julie Hochmann (Hawthorne Trio, Julliard) Janet studied with
Roza Borrisova(Veronika Quartet). At The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Ms. Schiff studied the cello intensely with renowned cellist Wolfgang Laufer(Fine Arts Quartet) and Radu Nagy(Lipati Quartet, Romanian National Radio Orchestra). Schiff also studied music theory, composition, and history at the university.
Ms. Schiff resides in Milwaukee and is a guest lecturer at UW-Milwaukee, cello instructor, performer, recording artist, and collaborator on many projects. Schiff's musical influences range from 'Amadeus to Zeppelin' as she says. Schiff's original music has roots in the classical realm but extend beyond that to modern and to cutting edge 'chamber rock'.

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